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NBC 2's Review of Jersey Boys

"Making the show so believable and entertaining is Actor Adam Marino with his ability to nail Frankie Valli’s unusual and powerful falsetto signature voice Valli is known for.
Marino effortlessly swings between baritone and falsetto to pull off musical jukebox hits, including Fallen Angel, Sherry, and Big Girls Don’t Cry, to name only a few of the 30 hit songs you know and love."

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"The music grounds this play, and the actors’ voices blend beautifully to create, with Adam Marino’s strong falsetto, a sound entirely worthy of the Four Seasons. Adam plays Frankie, the band’s center of gravity, with sensitivity, taking us from his first tentative try-outs to the full-out flowering of his voice, allowing us to experience the costs as well as the triumphs of his hard-lived journey."

The Lock Haven Express' Review of Jersey Boys

Adam as Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys
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DC Metro Review of Carrie

"However, the character who truly steals every scene he's in is Adam Marino as Chris' boyfriend, Billy Nolan. Marino is hysterical as the truly obnoxious, over the top high school delinquent and his comedic timing and delivery is exceptional."

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  "Another highlight is Doody played by Mr. Adam Marino whose "Those Magic Changes" is full of magical charms."

Pittsburgh in the round review of Grease

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Allegany Magazine Review of Ring of Fire

"…the wild eyed and even wild haired Adam Marino behind the microphone with his “King” hip swivel!”

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"But Mr. Marino takes the role of Wes from a generic directionless dude to a fully complex character with genuine motivations. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a very talented tenor and receives the most lyrically inventive song of the show, “My Lonely Future,” filled with mixed-up figures of speech."

Pittsburgh Post Gazette review of Local Singles

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Anthony Tagliaferro's review of Company at Cumberland Theatre

"The stand out performances of ... Adam Marino (Paul) ... dish out a fresh and hilarious perspective of marriage from opposite ends of the spectrum."

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